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Alghero-Fertilia Airport

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Alghero - Riviera del Corallo Airport is an international airport situated 4.3NM north-northwest of the city of Alghero, in northern Sardinia, Italy. It is also known as Alghero-Fertilia Airport, named for the nearby village of Fertilia or Alghero Airport. It is one of the three main airports serving Sardinia, the other ones being Olbia in the northeast, and near Cagliari in the south. The airport is operated by SO.GE.A.AL .


Early years

The airport opened in March 1938 as a military airport. During World War II it was equipped with a 700-metre runway. Following the war, the runway was lengthened and improved.

During the early 1960s the civil activities moved on the east side of the property and an old hangar was used as a passenger terminal. In 1971 the first passenger terminal was built. In the middle of the 1970s the runway was lengthened to the current 3000 meters, one of the longest runways in Italy and one of the safest.

In 1980 Alitalia established a flight school at Alghero Airport which trained up to 100 pilots a year, in conjunction with a diversification of activities including air taxi and maintenance services. The school closed in March 2003.

Development in the 2000s

At the end of February 2006 there was a disagreement between the municipalities of Sassari and Alghero concerning the name of the airport (by then called "Alghero-Riviera del Corallo" or "Alghero-Fertilia airport". It was suggested by Sassari administration (capital of province near Alghero)(ENAV) and the international aviation authorities, besides the majority of people remains "Alghero-Fertilia", although the intention of the airport management company is to change the name to "Alghero-Riviera del Corallo".

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Cím: loc. Nuraghe Biancu, 07041 Alghero
Telefon: 079935011

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