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Agadir–Al Massira Airport

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Agadir–Al Massira Airport

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Agadir – Al Massira Airport is an international airport serving Agadir, a major city in southwest Morocco and the capital of Souss-Massa region. The airport is located in the commune of Temsia, 20 km southeast of Agadir proper. In 2007, Al Massira International Airport served 1,502,094 passengers. In later years, Agadir and its tourism boomed, having new flights introduced to Al Massira from new airports from the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Runway and apron

The runway in direction 09/27 measures 3200x. Aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 747 can land on the airport. The airport has an ILS Class II certification and offers the following radionavigational aids: VORDME – 2 X NDB.

Parking space for the aircraft is 170000m² which results in space for ten Boeing 737s and three Boeing 747s.


Total terminal area is 26550m² and projected capacity is 3 million passengers per year. There is one large waiting room, divided in two to provide for national flights (no customs) and international flights. Passengers flying to Casablanca with a connecting international flight can pass through passport control in Agadir to save transfer time at Mohammed V. Agadir is one of the six airports in Morocco where ONDA offers its special VIP service Salon Convives de Marque.

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Cím: matar lmasira, 86602 Agadir, Morocco
Telefon: <>

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